Fashion Student of the Month: Basil Tweedy

Senior Basil Tweedys love for fashion began with sneakers in middle school.

Senior Basil Tweedy’s love for fashion began with sneakers in middle school.

College dormitories are notorious for their tight living quarters and small closets. While adjusting to dorm life is difficult for everyone, senior Basil Tweedy might have a harder time. After all, Tweedy has an entire closet dedicated just to his sneaker collection, but his style is much more than just sneakers.

New this year, the Fashion Student of the Month was created to recognize students in the community who are not only fashion-conscious but also thrive in what they wear. Because fashion is so subjective and personal, there is no “test” that the Fashion Student of the Month must pass. Rather, the only common denominator among the winners should be confidence and awareness over their wardrobes. For this month’s winner, Basil Tweedy, fashion was bound to be part of his life because of his father’s pedigree. However, no one could have imagined how much he has run with it. Other nominees for this month included senior Seth Mahoney, sophomore Chloe Manenti, and sophomore Madison Simone. These students were nominated and voted on by the Lance staff.

For Tweedy, his interest in fashion started in middle school. Specifically, Tweedy gravitated toward sneakers. Like many seventh-graders, Tweedy wanted to wear all the same sneakers as his favorite athletes and celebrities. Unsurprisingly, many of his classmates took notice. Senior Kyle Shine said, “Around seventh grade, a bunch of kids got into sneakers. Everyone was trying to outdo each other, but no one could compete with Basil.”

As his classmates tried to catch up, Tweedy had already started selling the shoes many of them wanted. Four years ago, he started reselling his shoes through an Instagram account called Fortune Kicks. To this day, Tweedy operates this account, expanding its website for reselling clothing as well. However, his expansion into clothing was more than just a business venture. He said, “I had all these sneakers. I realized that I had to get dope clothing that went with it.”

This is when Tweedy started to utilize his father as a resource to help him. As the CEO and president of Sean John, the fashion lifestyle company created by music mogul Sean Combs, his father pushed him toward fashion and clothing. Once Tweedy became more interested in clothing, his father helped develop “the basics before [he] knew what [he] was doing.” After that, like his sneakers, Tweedy began to cultivate his own style as he was eager to create his own sense individuality.

With these fundamentals, Tweedy has thrived, and his classmates appreciate how he continues to push the boundaries of his style. Shine said, “Most days, I am barely able to put a pair of sweatpants on. Meanwhile, this kid is wearing a pair of pants with zippers on the knees. Most impressively, he looks good doing it.” For his unmatched effort and attention to detail, Tweedy was voted as Best Dressed for Senior Superlatives.

Now, Tweedy has cultivated his own “streetwear” style. Initially, Tweedy may have started with releases from brands like Jordan and Nike, but, now, Tweedy is moving up. He said, “Supreme was one of my first brands I wore. Nowadays I’m trying to move to higher end brands like OFF-WHITE, Stone Island, and Gucci.”

In addition to his father, Tweedy looks up to rappers Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, and Travis Scott. Tweedy looks up to their ability to “always wear something fly and start new trends.” Someday, he hopes to have a similar impact on culture.