Crazy for Chocolate

FBLA’s Annual Candy Sale


One of the staples of September at NVOT is the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chocolate sale. The annual sale began last Thursday, and students have been buying bars for the past week.

The sale is important to FBLA in multiple ways. Advisor Ms. Suzanne O’Sullivan said, “Our chocolate sale is to not only get a business sense of selling, but it is also a fundraiser.” Not only does selling candy give students a sense of business, but the funds raised gives the club the ability to pay to compete in events and competitions later in the year.

Selling to their peers also gives students the opportunity to interact with the whole school. As Co-President Shayna Salomon explained, “Many students go up to people they have never talked to before so they can sell their chocolate. It is great networking for students and this can really help each and every one of them in their future.”

The club sells many different flavors including caramel, crispy, milk, dark, and peanut butter. In a Lance poll, the most popular flavor was crispy with 35% of the vote, but many students have strong feelings about all different flavors. Junior Kelly Uanae said, “I like the caramel the most. I thought it was really rich and smooth.”

In general, students both in and out of FBLA get excited about the sale. Treasurer Nick DiPalo recounted, “My favorite part of the chocolate sale is seeing people’s faces when they see the chocolate box in your hand. They instantly smile and run over to you.”

The sale is a promising way to start off the year. O’Sullivan said, “Since we do [the chocolate sale] in the beginning of the year, it’s a good way to get kids excited about the club and get them excited for the other activities we have later on.”