Underground Write Club

NVOT’s Literary Magazine: Coldwater


NVOT has an underground write club called Coldwater. Jokes aside, Coldwater is NVOT’s literary magazine, which features students’ poetry, short stories, photography, and artwork.

Editor, sophomore Sophia Gatti explained how the club works: “every Tuesday we meet and we’re given a prompt or theme and we write poetry or a short story about it.” Club Advisor, Mr. Michael Peri elaborated on the club’s process of creating the magazine. “We make a document of our favorite works and we’ll add in artwork and photography.”

Coldwater isn’t published for school-wide readership-Peri joked, “really we’re the only ones that care.” However, it is submitted into the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Peri explained that they “are measured against other literary magazines in New Jersey.” So far, they have achieved nominations for Highest Honors, but the focus of the club remains on the content they put out.

Each work incorporated into Coldwater is printed in a color magazine that is shared among the club members. Every edition of Coldwater is “available for anyone who wants to see it,” Peri shared.

Coldwater is more than just a club. Gatti stated, “I think a lot of people are turned off by the fact that it’s writing every week,” but she asserted that Coldwater’s purpose is to “come in, write your thoughts and feelings down, and just have fun. “I think if more people gave it a try it would be a great experience for them.”