Wading into the Cold War

The NVOT theatre department performs Don’t Drink the Water

Lizzie Venezia

Hours of rehearsing, running lines, and blocking are about to pay off for the actors in NVOT’s fall play. The cast will perform Don’t Drink the Water on Saturday, November 17 and Monday, November 19 both at 7 p.m.  

Don’t Drink the Water, written in 1966 by Woody Allen, is a comedy that contains multiple political points revolving around the Cold War. The Hollander family hides in the American Embassy in order to not get arrested because the main character, Walter Hollander, is being chased by the police because of a photograph he took.

Sophomore Sophie Ferrara plays one of the leading roles, Susan Hollander. From the start, the cast understood that “there are many parts that make up this show. Memorizing the lines, staging it, and putting it all together is hard at first.” She concluded, however, that “Everything comes together though and it turns out great.”

Working on this play was a unique learning experience for the cast because of its comedic components. Sophomore Dana Connell plays Mrs. Kilroy, a supporting role. She said, “I’ve fallen in love with the show because I’ve learned new comedic techniques I can take with me beyond this production.”

When performing a comedic piece, Connell learned, “The most difficult thing about this show is timing. I’ve learned that comedic timing is everything, and getting it down can sometimes be difficult.” She added that practices were challenging, “but also a lot of fun because I was with all my friends and putting time into a show that I love. We have had a fun time in rehearsals while getting work done.”

The cast is ready for opening night and Ferrara believes that “it’s going to be a really awesome show and everyone should come to see it, especially if they’re up for a good laugh.”