Time for Tutoring

NVOT’s Media Center Tutoring


Maria Bodkin

The National Honor Society is regarded as a group of NVOT’s top students who work to improve our school and greater community. At lunchtime, NHS members work to help students academically as they have opened their tutoring to students who are in need of academic help.

Advisor Thomas Quinn is very pleased so far with how his students in the NHS have been tutoring during lunchtime. “We started up our in-school tutoring a little bit later this year because of the media center[’s closure],” Quinn stated, “but it’s going pretty well.” Quinn has also been very pleased in the past years of this program and has expected this success out of his officers year-in and year-out. “We usually have some really talented officers that represent the school really well, so I’ve always felt they can do a lot for the school.” The NHS tutoring center is a place where the officers can make the school better with students using their talents to benefit NVOT.

Senior Ryan Jordan, the vice president of NHS, is also very pleased with how the tutoring has been coming along at lunch. “Tutoring is going really great” Jordan stated, “When someone comes, each member takes time to help each student to the best of their ability.” Students who come are getting help from some of the smartest NVOT students, as to be a part of the honors society, a GPA of 3.75 is one of the requirements.

National Honor Society tutoring takes place every day at lunch in the library and it is yet another in-school tool to use for extra help. The NHS is always available to students in need of help with any subject, with plenty of tutors who can help students improve academically.