The EMS Club takes on Valentine’s Week

Club aims to raise money through a candy gram fundraiser


The EMS Club has planned a fundraiser during the week of Valentine’s day where they invited students to guess the number of candies in a jar. This Valentine’s Day fundraiser was held for the second year in a row.

Senior Elisheva Drillich, one of the officers, said, “we planned a fundraiser where we will have a jar of candy hearts and have people guess how many are inside. After a week of people guessing at lunch, we will see who got the closest and give them a prize.” It cost one dollar to participate in this fundraiser.

The proceeds will go directly to the EMS Club’s fundings to invest in future club goals.  According to Mrs. Erica Sposa, EMS club advisor, “Our ultimate goal [of the fundraiser] is to help offset the cost of bleeding control kits so that we could show that we are making big initiatives.”  Sposa also mentioned fundings for other goals the EMS club wanted to achieve. She stated that another goal included buying “small first aid kits that students could keep in their backpacks or teachers could keep in their desks.”

Sposa said the club plans to use the money from this fundraiser to enable future projects.  She stated, “We want . . . to buy EMS kits with the school logo on them and eventually sell them as a separate fundraiser.”

Although the fundraiser did not go as well as expected, the EMS Club still had some success.

Sposa admitted, “Unfortunately we didn’t make as much money as we did last year because of the snow day… but we were able to put some money into the club funds.”

The EMS club is now planning for other events in the future such as hosting CPR classes for both students and faculty.