Sucker for the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers released their first single since 2013.



The Jonas Brothers, the peak of boy band perfection in the mid-2000s, have come back to grace us all with a new song. anticipation began to grow when they posted the song’s cover art on February 28, saying that it was due at midnight the following day. Naturally, the internet collapsed in seconds, with fans who were six at the time reliving their old memories, and fans who were older whipping out their old CD’s. Everyone, no matter the age or gender, began going crazy for the Jonas Brothers once again.

The band released their song entitled “Sucker” at midnight on March 1. The expectations of what the restoration of an influential boy band would bring were mixed: would it be a revival of the music that fans fell in love with? Or was it to be a modernized version of what they used to make, fit to be on radios today and suited for a new generation of Jo-Broes?

They posted a music video and a song at the same time, the music reflecting current trends and the video taking the viewers back to medieval times. While one cannot deny that the video itself is beyond expectations, with their past material being made with the best editing program 2006 could muster, the song is drawing mixed reactions. Here’s what The Lance staff had to say about the comeback nobody expected but all needed:

Lance editor Nia Watson: “I wasn’t really into their music when I was younger, but I really love the style of Sucker. The visuals are amazing, especially #QueenPriyanka. If they come out with more songs and music videos like this, I might have to stan.”

Lance writer Eve Foote: “The Jonas Brothers were my entire childhood, don’t get me wrong, but the video was just them rubbing in our faces that they are no longer teenagers and single so we can’t have them anymore. I’m not mad.”

Lance editor Josh Lee: “It sounds like they put two more Jonas Brothers on Cake By The Ocean.”

Lance writer Natasha Cahn:I did enjoy the song the first time that I heard it, but after watching the video it made me like the song even more. I thought that it was really cool that they included their wives (Nick and Kevin) and Joe’s girlfriend because it shows how much they really grew up.”

Lance writer Emma Illovsky:I personally like that the Jonas brothers are reinventing themselves as artists, and in theory, it is a great idea. However, I’m not personally a big fan of the new song because it does not correlate with my taste in music.”

Lance writer Olivia Genco: “I loved the Jonas brothers as a kid and my sister and I would watch their show on Disney channel every day after we came home from school at 3:30. While it was certainly nostalgic to see them performing together again, it was cool that they had a very different sound and vibe.”

Lance writer Kevin Ryu: “I wasn’t in America when the Jonas Brothers were big. So I really don’t care about this and I don’t know what the hype is about.”

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