Avoiding Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

A step by step of how to steer clear of spoilers.

Avoiding social media and comment sections is crucial to dodging spoilers.

Avoiding social media and comment sections is crucial to dodging spoilers.

After thousands of ads, the new Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, came out Thursday, April 25. The opening weekends of Endgame broke almost every box office record possible, but what if you are one of the few who hasn’t seen it yet?

Being one of the people who weren’t able to buy tickets before they sold out and because I am… well… broke, I won’t be able to see this record-breaking movie until a week and a half after its release. So, after having every important Marvel movie spoiled for me in the past, my mission is to get to this movie without hearing or seeing any spoilers that can ruin the experience and my month.

Many Marvel fans are on social media, including myself, so there are certain precautions we should follow in order to avoid any form of spoilers. Spoilers can be memes, comments on pictures, videos, and most annoyingly a friend or person you accidentally hear talking about it when you were minding your own business. For each of these examples, I have made a checklist of things to do in order to steer clear of any possible spoilers:

1. Don’t go on your explore page on Instagram. Instagram is a black hole. A quick scroll can turn into an hour and before you know it you see a meme where cats are reenacting crucial scenes of the movie. Despite the Avengers actors assembling in the Marvel account to tell people not to spoil the movie, the powers they have on screen cease to exist in reality.

2. Avoid watching Avengers videos (or even the actors’ accounts) in order to avoid the annoying stream of comments from people who have nothing better to do besides ruining the movie for everyone else.

3. Know who has seen the movie and who hasn’t so you know who to avoid until you see it. It also wouldn’t hurt if you gave everyone a disclaimer about talking about it around you.

Now, these ways to protect yourself from spoilers are preliminary steps and will work best depending on how much willpower you have. I suggest that if you don’t have self-control and have annoying friends who also have no self-control, then delete all social media and wear earphones everywhere. More is better than less because once you hear a spoiler you can’t go back.