Field Hockey Wrap-up

Seniors, teamwork, and the future of field hockey


Sarah You

With five captains, the team’s close bond is evident on and off the field.

Like many other sports teams, NVOT’s field hockey team felt the loss of 2019’s graduating seniors.  While last year’s team consisted mainly of seniors, captains Lea Rakovsky and Sam Helfman were the only seniors playing this year.  

The team had taken a hit from the loss of so many experienced players, but this deficit was made up for with the leadership of five team captains. The lineup included juniors Susan Dong, Jenna Fitzgerald, and Hannah Jung, in addition to the team’s two seniors.  

While five captains are more than usual for a team, the girls were able to make it work. “I feel more comfortable because there are a lot more people and we’re good together,” said Jung. “Even though it seems like a lot, I feel like everyone who is captain deserves the spot.” 

Freshman Melissa Brennan added, “[The captains] did a really good job leading the team, especially since we weren’t the best team in the league. They definitely helped us keep our spirits up and not want to give up.”

Although the team has downsized, having fewer players allowed for a stronger team bond.  “I think this year we had a smaller team so we were able to bond and get closer together,” said Jung.  

This bond translated to their performance as well, allowing for more chemistry on the field. “We have a lot of trust with each other,” said Brennan. “In the beginning of the season, we didn’t really know each other so we didn’t play as well. As we got to know each other better, we definitely played better on the field and it showed.”

The girls ended the season on October 19 with a record of 0-18, but they still take pride in their performance. “I think we definitely did play our hearts out,” said Brennan. “The record may not show it, but I feel like we did really well in my opinion, considering we did have a lot of new players and we didn’t have that many returning varsity players.”  

In the meantime, the girls know what to focus on for next year which, according to Brennan, includes fundamentals, stickwork, and making smarter decisions on the field. She is optimistic for the next field hockey season, stating, “…we’ll have more returning varsity players and we will still be super close with each other, so I think we will do really well next season.”