Halloween Costume Contest

Student Council helps NVOT celebrate Halloween


AJ Falkenstern

Group of students enjoying the contest

Happy Halloween! Student Council held their yearly Halloween costume contest at NVOT. Students and staff were encouraged to dress up. Student Council chose winners, and all the winners were awarded prizes.

The Winners:

Scariest Costume- Junior Kira Nicole Murphy(Plague Doctor)

Funniest Costume- Freshman Heather O’Brien(Colonel Sanders)

Best Group- Freshmen Shannon McGee and Julia Colombino(Stranger Things)

Best/Cutest Pair- Seniors Maria Bodkin and Hanna Jang(Bunny and narwhal onesies)

Best Teacher Group- World Language Department(Dominos)

Best Teacher- Mr. Ortiz(Jennifer Beals, Flashdance)

Most Creative- Freshman Julia Langone(Spongebob)