Swimming Season Recap

Swim Team Closes out the 2019-2020 season


Olivia Genco

Swim team warming up for meet.

The swim team built their overall records of 4-6 for the boys team and 2-8 for the girls team this season. Coached by Arman Fardanesh and Estee Dilli, the team “work[ed] hard and show[ed] up to every meet giving it their all,” said senior captain Samantha Martin. 

The team also includes senior captains Alex Chrenko, Julianna Saric, and Olivia Genco, as well as a number of other seniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  Sophomore Angel Todorov explained the tightly-knit team saying, “The seniors are social to us and don’t treat us like underclassmen.” He said that Coach Fardanesh and Coach Dilli are “phenomenal, hardworking coaches who are truly dedicated to making us better swimmers.” 

Martin said that one of the team’s strengths this year was its ability to “[cheer] for each other constantly, even in [their] weak events.” 

Another strength was the team’s flexibility because “all members were able to step up and swim in races, even if they didn’t feel totally comfortable with the race,” Todorov said.

Throughout the season the team struggled to get everyone to the meets which made it difficult to compete against other teams that would outnumber them in races. With limited pool time, late meets, and a shortage of available pools, attendance was a notable issue. At times, club swimmers had meets that interfered with some of the school team’s meets. “[But] once we had meets when everyone showed up and gave it our all, we performed really well,” said Martin.

The team bonded strongly over the small period of time they had as Todorov agreed, “I’m really going to miss not only the sport but practicing every day with all my teammates.”

After the regular season ended, Martin said, “I feel pretty sad now that the season has come to an end because I like being a part of a team and swimming with everyone.” 

Martin believes, “the future of NVOT swimming is looking pretty good.” Although next year the team will lose its seniors, there will be incoming freshmen club swimmers that will be able to contribute to the team’s potential success. Martin also thinks that “[junior] Riley Acheson becoming a senior will have a big impact [next year] because she’s a really good leader and supports everyone on the team.”