Golden Knights Day

Pictures of students from Golden Knights Day.


Tala Areiqat

The mascot waving glow sticks in the South Gym.

On Friday, January 31, students filled the North and South Gyms and played field-day style games to win points for their grade. Seniors ended Spirit Week in first place, juniors took second, sophomores were third, and freshmen finished the week in fourth place.

Here are some pictures from the event:


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  • Seniors wear spirited t-shirts.

  • Student Council members meet prior to the event.

  • Student Council members make last-minute preparations.

  • Sophomores Siena Griffin and Sophie Atalla.

  • Seniors play Rock, Paper, Scissors in the North Gym.

  • Sophomores Gianna Benasillo and Olivia Klein.

  • Seniors Chloe Manenti, Esha Patel, Sunny Yeo, and Marielle Santos.

  • Student Council President Aaron DeNicola introduces each activity.

  • Sophomores Tina Chugranis, Nick Conticello, Bella Chugranis, Caitlyn Carpenter.

  • Juniors and seniors compete in musical chairs on golden knights day.

  • Junior Graydon Scherer.

  • Sophomore Ava Petrilli.

  • Sophomores Chiraag Kankariya, Drew Maier, Frankie Dercole, and Ryan Woo

  • Sophomores Jonah Kim, Tyler DeGrandpre, Takumi Tomono, Tomi Curko, and Max Caunedo.

  • Freshmen Sahaj Vaghasia, Andrew Pinkus, Sean Acheson, Seho Lee, and Noah Nasjletti

  • Sophomore Emma Ho.

  • Freshmen Marisa Santo, Brooke Drucker, Grey McNamee, and Sofia Ferraro.

  • Group of sophomore girls in the South Gym.

  • Sophomores Grace, Nicole, and Sid.

  • Sophomores Joe Maucieri, Ryan Li, JP Steindl, Al Mosca, Matt Olivo, Charlie Amatrula, Ian Andresen, Anthony Ramundo, Daniel Rivera, and Ryan Tacchi

  • Freshmen Kaleigh Talty, Julia Colombino, Shay McGee, and Bailey Zack.

  • Sophomores Helene George, Kady Park, Kaitlyn Hwang.

  • Freshmen Chris Debiasa, Aidan Fruhling, and Michael Humphreys.

  • Freshmen Rachel Squitieri and Alexis Richmond.

  • Seniors Sam Helfman, Kayleigh Lumia, Marisa Digia, and Madison Simone.

  • Sophomores Cara Hliboki, Alicia Acosta, Alba Kortoci.

  • Sophomore Arielle Salomon.

  • Sophomores Holly Latz and Ashley Belous.

  • Sophomores Erin Schoolsky, Chloe Levine, and Natasha Vazacopoulos.

  • Group of sophomore girls wearing navy for school spirit.

  • Sophomores Erin Schoolski, Brooke Seldes, and Olivia Panzarella.

  • Sophomores Brenden Rie and Mahek Bhalala.

  • Freshman Sahaj Vaghasia wearing gold for school spirit.

  • Seniors Jennifer Lindley, Ryu Matsumoto, Concetta Esposito, and Ilir Ibrahimaj.

  • Juniors and seniors wait for the next activity.

  • Dr. Hyman kickstarts the event.

  • Dr. Sabatini conducts the presentation before activities.

  • View of the North Gym from the floor.

  • Seniors Gianna Fasano, Gianna Saccoccio, and Madison Simone showing school spirit.

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