Second Semester Strategies

How to live your best life as a second semester senior.


Olivia Genco

Seniors sitting in class

As high school comes to an end, seniors fall into an inevitable pit of indifference towards their grades, attendance, and appearance. In other words, seniors are diagnosed with the classic case of being a second-semester senior, otherwise known as “SSS.”

Here’s what it takes to master being a second-semester senior:

1. Sleep in!

  • Who needs to come to first period anyway?

2. Stop wearing real outfits.

  • As the seasons change and things get colder, it’s only reasonable to throw on some comfy sweats and a hoodie. Why bother trying when you’re leaving in a couple of months anyway?
Nia Watson
Why try and dress to impress?

3. Miss a couple of days. Every week. 

  • College applications are in. You can’t change what’s already been submitted, so give yourself a break!

4. Procrastinate. Hard. 

  • Pushing your work off to the last minute is something everyone’s done…but now, it’s serious. Like, doing-it-10-minutes-before-class serious. Or, just don’t bother doing it at all.

5. Throw away your backpack

  • You don’t need it. What are you going to put in it?
Kaila Cohen
All you really need is a laptop and a pencil

6. Stop caring about your grades

  • As the year goes on, your PowerSchool password should become more and more unfamiliar…

7. Late? Make your own parking spot.

  • While you’re at it, yell at the juniors for taking the real ones.
Kaila Cohen
Who cares how you park?

8. Slow down.

  • Why are you in such a rush? Take 10-minute trips to the bathroom, walk at a negative pace in the hallway, and yell at freshman for doing the exact same thing.

9. Talk about anything except the thing you are supposed to be doing.

  • Who cares about math? Let’s talk about the stock market crash. 

10. I don’t know…we’re seniors…figure out your own number 10