Overwhelmed With Your Workload? This Can Help.

Tips to Avoid Stress



Online work causes a work overload.

FULL-TIME online learning is new to us all. We are all already stressed thinking that the world is going to end; why be overstressed with our workload too when there are easy ways to avoid just that? (Sorry in advance if I sound like your mom yelling at you! I promise I’m only trying to help.)


1. Write everything down in an agenda. You could use an online agenda (I use MyStudyLife.com) or a notebook. Either way, organize yourself. It helps. 


2. Do the hard stuff first… even though you don’t want to. After writing in your agenda, of course, look at your workload and get the hardest assignment out of the way. Then, do your second hardest assignment…and so on. TRUST THE PROCESS. Soon enough, everything will just seem easier. (I hate doing this. I hate admitting that this works. But, it does.)


3. GET. RID. OF. YOUR. PHONE. Considering that your phone is literally  your entire life right now, I know this is difficult. But, why do you need it while you’re doing history homework? Simple answer. You don’t. Get over it. Give it to your mom. Let it die and don’t charge it. Do SOMETHING to get it out of your mind. Also, delete Tik Tok when you’re working (sorry, someone had to say it). 


4. Don’t do homework in bed! Okay, don’t quote me on this, but I read somewhere a very long time ago that doing homework in bed never works out because your brain recognizes your bed as the place where you shut down and sleep. It’s not a good place to be if you want to focus. Avoid a place where your family is, too. They are also distracting. 


5. Space out your homework. I know you have a lot. I do, at least. It’s not easy juggling all our classes at once. So, if you have a lot of work due at the end of the week, do a little every day (or get everything done all in one sitting at the very beginning of the week, that works too.) Also, since when do I have work? I’m a senior. I shouldn’t. But, it’s fine. Whatever.


If we don’t come back to school… it’s been real. I may or may not be losing my mind because of this quarantine. Hopefully, after reading this, you’re not losing yours as much. 

P.S. Make sure that you’re marked present for your classes.