The Lance’s Take on the 2020 NBA Finals

The Lance’s staff preview and offer predictions for the NBA Finals


The Lance staff predicts the NBA finals.

It has been nearly three months since the beginning of the NBA bubble where twenty-two teams gathered in Orlando to finish off the remainder of the season. These twenty-two teams have now turned into two. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat are the Western and Eastern Conference champions respectively, and now will face off for the NBA championship.

Los Angeles Lakers: 

The Lakers, coached by Frank Vogel, have created a complete powerhouse roster ever since the trade for Anthony Davis and signing other quality role players. This roster includes two all-stars Lebron James and Davis, who have each contributed over 20 points per game throughout the entire season. Behind these two star players are veterans and other skilled players like JaVale McGee, Dwight Howard, Alex Caruso, Danny Green, and Rajon Rondo,  just to name a few. These players have equally contributed greatly to the team, and have specialized in certain roles. For example, players like Green, J.R. Smith, and Markieff Morris are known for their sharp shooting capabilities. Others are known for their presence in the paint and rebounding abilities like Howard and McGee. Some of the veteran guards like Caruso, Rondo, and Quinn Cook have also been equally important to the success of the team. 

Miami Heat: 

Ever since acquiring Jimmy Butler last year in the off-season, the Heat have been quite a surprise. Like the Lakers, the Heat have two all-stars in Butler and Bam Adebayo, and have solid reserve roles for their backcourt. Goran Dragic, Jae Crowder, Tyler Herro, and Duncan Robinson have been crucial members of this year’s team, and have equally contributed to the overall success of this team. Head coach Erik Spoelstra has also been an instrumental piece on this team with having previous experience in leading a Miami Heat team to the championship. Spoelstra has led the team to the finals three straight years in 2011-2013, back when Lebron James and Dwayne Wade were still part of the Heat. With experience from Championship-winning coach Eric Spoelstra and playoff-hungry Butler, the Heat are ready for the challenge of facing the Lakers.

The Lance’s Prediction:

Evan: Lakers in 7: Lebron James finals MVP 

Despite the gritty and impressive playoff run that the Heat have put together in the quarantined NBA, the Lakers are truly on a different level. James proves game after game that he is the best player in the league, and with another superstar of AD’s caliber, there is no doubt that the Lakers will claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The depth of Rondo, Howard, and Smith are also quite impressive considering age and expectations heading into the season. I chose a 7 game series because the Heat have proven over the course of this playoffs that they won’t go down easily. The shooting of Robinson and Herro perfectly complement the playmaking and defending of Butler and Adebayo. The addition of bench scorers like Dragic and Nunn are quite strong aspects of the Heat, but James in the playoffs is a different beast. The Heat will challenge the Lakers for an entertaining series, but I don’t see Lebron and the Lakers losing this year’s finals.


Kevin:  Lakers in 6; Lebron James finals MVP 

The Heat have one of the most exciting young teams in the years to come. With young players like Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, and Dunan Robinson all being led by alpha dog, Jimmy Butler, it’s very easy to jump on the Heat bandwagon. However, the Los Angeles Lakers are built differently. They have a great core of veterans that has had previous championships experience and have felt the pressures that surround a finals series. With James leading and Davis as his right hand man, there should be no doubt that the Lakers will take care of business, especially since Davis might be James’ best teammate of all time. Alongside Davis, the supporting cast of this Lakers team is also one of the strongest we’ve seen in years. Look for players like Markief Morris, Dwight Howard, and Alex Carouso to make big plays for this Lakers team. There is no doubt that the Lakers will handle this Heat team. 


Matthias:  Heat in 6; Jimmy Butler  finals MVP

I believe that the Heat will win the finals against the Lakers in Game 6, and will carry on their playoff momentum since the beginning of the NBA bubble. The Heat have a phenomenal young core that have proven that they are just as good as other teams with strong veteran presence. The team chemistry has also been outstanding, and ever since the start of the season, these players have grown into a tight knit set of friends and teammates.  Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, and Tyler Herro have been an outstanding presence on the team so far, and with other important role players, the Heat have a great chance of winning it all in only 6 games.