The Triumphs and Defeats of Online High School

The students’ stance on the new learning options NVOT has to offer.


Tala Areiqat

Student working during a hybrid school day.

In August, after ending the 2020 school year with a fully asynchronous schedule, NVOT gave its students the option to choose a hybrid model of learning or fully virtual one. Both of the new learning models include multiple days of two 90 minute synchronous blocks where students are either on Zoom full time or in-person on their specific days, and then one day a week of fully synchronous learning on Zoom. It’s been almost a full month since the school reopened, and The Lance is checking in with students to see how they are feeling about their choices of learning plans.


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  • Arta Kyqykaliu (hybrid), senior: “Although I don’t feel like I’m learning as much with online learning, the new schedule gives me more time to study and be productive. I also really appreciate the amount of patience and effort being put in by all of the teachers and administration.”

  • Chiraag Kankariya (virtual), junior: “My experience with online learning has been amazing. My teachers are very understanding of the students and when we need breaks which is great. Teachers have done a good job adjusting to activities with hybrid learning.”

  • Emily Clune (hybrid), junior: “So far, I don’t like hybrid learning that much. I prefer all in school instruction because it is easier for me to learn that way. I also feel like I am able to focus better while in school rather than on zoom.”

  • Sophia Ashbahian (hybrid), freshman: “It’s different going into school physically after months and months of not being in that environment, but the benefit of this versus the completely virtual ending of last year is clear. It’s great because I also feel safe going to school with all the precautions that are being put into place. Not to mention that going so long without real interaction with anyone during school has been tough, so finally being in school, being with friends and meeting new people again is such a great feeling.”

  • Marco Sánchez (virtual), sophomore: “I’m fully virtual, and I actually enjoy online schooling. Two pros of online schooling are safety from COVID and a more manageable schedule, and a con would be less student-teacher interaction.”

  • Isabella Rueda (hybrid), sophomore: “I like the asynchronous part of the day the most because it gives me time to meet with teachers, as well as to complete assignments and catch up on work that is due.”

  • Jamil Mouehla (virtual), senior: “I’m virtual and honestly, I am mixed about it. Although I enjoy the benefits of not wearing a mask and being in my own environment, I often forget what assignments are due because of the comfort. You also lose that personal and one-on-one connection as supposed to learning hybrid.”

  • Jessica Jung (hybrid), sophomore: “Although it would be ideal to go to school every day, I much prefer hybrid learning to all virtual. With hybrid learning, I like that I am able to go to school at least one day a week, rather than not going into school all.”

  • Jun Lee (virtual), sophomore: “As a student in cohort V, I’ve learned that I get easily distracted at home. Though, I like how the teachers manage to reach out to us when we need help. Even though it is not the same as learning in class, face to face, the teachers try their best to make it feel like the same experience.”

  • Ari Lim (hybrid), junior: “I feel really lucky that the school has given the option to go hybrid and taken a lot of precautions to make sure everyone is safe. It’s really nice getting to actually learn in a classroom and have a conversation with my teacher, but hybrid’s still been pretty tough because the work is still a lot and it can feel isolating sometimes because even though you’re in a classroom with others you can’t really talk or collaborate.”

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