Career Day During a Pandemic

2021 Career Day Recap


Tala Areiqat

The presenters of the 2021 Career Day.

NVOT’s biennial Career Day took place Friday, January 29. With COVID-19 forcing NVOT to conduct a fully remote career day this year, the event looked a little different. Several different field experts spoke to students about their careers and encouraged them to expand their horizons to different professions. Some of these careers include biotechnology, criminology, technology, health sciences, athletics, and entrepreneurship.

Assistant Principal Luisella Marolda was the primary organizer of Career Day. Marolda said, “Career Day is always a highlight of the year. This year was particularly difficult as it was completely virtual…It was nice to witness the coming together of so many professionals both from NVOT and outside that made the day not only happen, but with great success.” 

Organizing Career Day was certainly a challenge, due to  the unprecedented circumstances for the school due to the pandemic. Assistant Principal Robert Hyman said, “Due in great part to the hard work of Ms. Marolda and the main office staff, Career Day was a great success. A lot of people had put their heads together to make this work in a fully virtual environment.”

Guest speaker Ivica Labuda, Director and Professor of Georgetown University’s Biotechnology Program, highlighted the positive parts of the circumstances surrounding the event, as she thought that an online setting for career day “allows more people to explore territories which they would not normally consider. Also, it may allow more reserved students to ask questions…NVOT’s organization of the event was perfect.” 

Health science presenter Michelle Goffredo further explained, “It was exciting for me seeing the students engaged and wanting to learn! […] I personally think virtual career day at NVOT was on point.” 

Usually, students are able to interact face to face with these speakers, so the typical experience was different for students, staff, and guest speakers. Junior Gianna Benasillo said, “It was good that the school made an effort to continue the event, even in these times. But it was definitely different because us, as participants, were not able to be as present or engaged as we would have been in real time.”

Despite all the challenges the students and staff faced this year, Hyman stated that “the success of Career Day was nothing short of amazing.” The school hopes to be able to host its next Career Day in person, face to face, with presenters.