Math department offers dual-enrollment for some classes


Ryan DePhillips

A dual-enrolled non-AP calculus class prepares for the day’s lesson

For some high school students, the prospect of college seems daunting and far off. However, because of new dual enrollment classes in the math department, an education after high school does not seem as distant and scary.

Starting this school year, all of the calculus classes are now dual-enrolled at Seton Hall University. These classes include non Advanced Placement Calculus as well as the Advanced Placement Calculus, both AB and BC. In addition, Advanced Placement Statistics and Advanced Placement Computer Science A is now dual-enrolled.

Nevertheless, the credits earned in these classes are not only applicable at Seton Hall. According to Math department supervisor April Vella, these classes “are designed to be college classes and should be accepted at most institutions.”

In fact, if a college does not accept them, the math department and Seton Hall is “committed to facilitating if there are problems,” Vella said. However, Vella does admit that it “depends on the college you go to” and the situation.

Senior Benjamin Dippolito, who is enrolled in non-AP Calculus, appreciates this opportunity. Dippolito said, “I am happy that I have access to these credits. I do not know if I will use them, but it is still another option.”