Social studies department polls students to predict election results


Created by Mark Marotta

Results of student election survey

With the election upon us and mental strains as tense as a piano wire, the social studies department wrapped up its polling among its students. Participants were students who are in social studies classes, and the votes were collected through Haiku.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton came out on top claiming 47.4 percent of the votes. Republican nominee Donald Trump, about eight points behind her, took 39 percent of the votes. The rest of the votes were split between the Libertarian Party, represented by Gary Johnson, and the Green Party, represented by Jill Stein. The Libertarian Party, placed third with 7.7 percent. The Green Party came in last place with only 5.4 percent of the population in her favor.

For the House of Representatives, Josh Gottheimer received 54.6 percent of the votes, which beats Scott Garrett and the Republican Party with 45.4 percent.

“Political ideology in young people usually comes from their parents because that is where your ideas start. Eventually you start to formulate your own ideas, but we have not had much separation from our parents, which is why I think we vote similar to our parents,” said senior, Michael Silva.  

But according to Mr. Ronald Romano, social studies supervisor, “teenagers are typically rebellious and go against what their parents say, which is why historically these results tend to be the opposite of how the presidential election ends.”