Breaking News: Schedule changes

Restart of in-person learning begins a month with new learning options


The schedule change will go into effect April 8.

After two weeks of remote learning, students and staff will return to in-person instruction on April 1, with more schedule changes to follow.

Starting April 8, all in-person students will be expected to return to school everyday to begin the 4th marking period. 

In an email sent to parents, Superintendent James Santana stated that the school will no longer be alternating between the X and Y cohorts. Instead, there will be one in-person cohort. All students must choose to be either completely virtual or in-person. Santana said that he hopes the change in policy will increase in-person attendance and improve overall learning for students. 

For now, the current school day schedule will continue to alternate between a.m. and p.m. days. However, Santana stated that the school has “established a goal to run a full-day schedule before the end of this school year.”

The deadline to switch from in-person to virtual or from virtual to in-person is Tuesday, March 30. If students wish to switch their current learning model, should their parents fill out this selection form

For the most up-to-date information, Santana encourages students and parents to visit the school’s restart webpage.