Don’t Stand on the Sideline

The Sideline Post hosts a virtual panel for high school students


The Sideline Post

This virtual series will present five different athletes sharing their perspectives on college athletics.

“Being an athlete is an honorable title as well as one that comes with an immense amount of burden and pressure.” Patrick Passalacqua, a member of the NVOT Class of 2020, knows better than most people what kind of pressure athletics can bring. For some high school student athletes it is difficult to comprehend what it means to play and study on the next level. However, a new webinar featuring first-hand accounts and insights from alumni aims to put what’s to come into perspective and help aspiring athletes set goals for success. 

On April 11, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m, two NVOT alumni will speak in “Crossing Over into College Athletics,” a virtual panel for student athletes who want to play at the collegiate level. Passalacqua, a freshman at Columbia University and Grace Choi, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, will share their stories on the panel hosted by The Sideline Post, a platform where collegiate student athletes can share their stories. This student-athlete series will highlight five student athletes representing four sports from schools all over the country. All of the panelists have shared their stories on the platform, and were re-invited to give more perspective in their personal endeavors. 

“This is such a great opportunity for students who hope to perform beyond their high school team,” Choi, a NVOT class of 2019 alumni shares. “I think it’s really valuable to hear firsthand from college students their experiences and advice to prepare and accordingly plan for the future.”

Students will have the chance to ask questions, and learn from the experiences of these college athletes who not only balance athletics, but also academics and life skills as well. While the pressure of athletics is well-noted, these athletes hope to inspire the next generation to reach their fullest potential. Interested students can sign up for this event on The Sideline Post