A Return to Full Days

NVOT scheduled to return to full school days May 18


The graduation ceremony has been moved up.

On Tuesday, May 4, Superintendent James Santana announced via email that the school will be returning to a full day school schedule on May 18. Santana said that this decision was made “after hearing feedback at the Restart Committee and Board of Education Meeting, evaluating the time needed to prepare, and the timing of spring assessments” in the email sent to the school community.

These full days will run from 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. This full-day schedule will be rotating with 50-minute periods. However, there will be no lunch labs. The full schedule can be viewed on the NVRHS Restart site.

During lunch students will eat in the gym or cafeteria, courtyard tables or they can eat in the lunch tents set up outside the courtyards. Juniors and seniors will be allowed to leave campus for lunch if they filled out the privileges form found on Genesis. Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches as there will be limited lunch served. If in-person students are planning on purchasing lunch, they must fill out the lunch survey by 12 p.m. tomorrow.

Despite these changes, Santana stated that we are excited to be taking the next step toward a return to normalcy.” He also said that more information about the full days will be communicated to the school community within the next week.

5/14/21 Update: Rules for lunch were sent in an email sent by Assistant Principal Robert Hyman on May 13. Masks must be worn at all times except while actively eating lunch and social distancing must be maintained. In regards to location, the capacities of the locations are listed below:

  • North Gym Bleachers: 100 students
  • North Gym Tables: 50 students
  • North Cafeteria: 60 students
  • South Cafeteria: 60 students
  • Courtyard Tents: 54 students
  • Courtyard Picnic Tables: 75 students
  • The South Gym will only be used when there is inclement weather