Art club teaches Thanksgiving crafts to Tots

Parents won’t be the only ones bringing home turkeys this Thanksgiving. Members of the art club have been crafting with the preschoolers of the Teens N Tots program each month.  November’s project was “a Thanksgiving craft of a cute turkey hand,” according to senior officer Faythe Schiano.

With the addition of more members this year, the club has been able to dedicate more time to working with the tots.  “I think they’re having a lot of fun,” said art club advisor Celia Gollub of the preschoolers’ craft time with art club members.  

Senior officer Lauren Hafner added, “[the tots] really enjoy working with the teens because some of the teens don’t take child development, so they love seeing the new faces.”

This new branch of art club has brought smiles to the faces of teens and tots alike.  Gollub said she “can’t wait to see what’s next from the tots.”