“SOUR” is Pretty Sweet

Olivia Rodrigo makes her way onto the charts and into the playlists of OT students


Olivia Klein

Olivia Rodrigo sweeps the charts.

Olivia Rodrigo first entered the music industry with her debut single “drivers license,” and has since proven herself to be an up-and-coming artist in the music industry with her debut album SOUR.

SOUR has everyone going crazy, especially OT students. What makes Rodrigo’s music so compelling is that each song she writes is raw and honest, making the music very relatable to teenagers who may have experienced similar emotions, while also appealing to the masses due to its addictive sound. Maybe what draws in OT students the most is the fact that Rodrigo herself is only 18, allowing them to have a personal connection to her album because they too are teenagers going through the exact same things. But, whatever it is, Rodrigo has managed to create relatable music that you can cry, scream, or smile to.

Rodrigo released “drivers license” on January 8, and has been the talk of the music industry ever since. The single debuted number one on the “Billboard Hot 100” and became eligible for platinum in the United States just two weeks after its release. People initially thought that Rodrigo would end up as a “one hit wonder”, saying that she could not possibly live up to the hype of her debut single “drivers license”, but this was far from the truth. Rodrigo proved that she was here to stay with her follow up singles “deja vu” and “good 4 u.”

“Good 4 u” was Rodrigo’s last single released before she dropped her first album SOUR, which includes all three of her pre-released singles. SOUR debuted at number one on the “Billboard Hot 100”, earning Rodrigo massive amounts of streams, as people are referring to it as a “no-skip album”. The album received 385 million filtered Spotify streams in its opening week, making it the biggest weekly debut for an album by a female artist.

SOUR consists of eleven songs, all seamlessly flowing together to summarize how Rodrigo views the typical teenage experience. In tracks like “jealousy, jealousy,” “hope ur ok,” and “brutal,” Rodrigo describes her first hand experiences in typical teenage angst. “Deja vu,” Rodrigo’s second single, was released on April 1. The song, unlike “drivers license”, is very upbeat, which allowed the world to see Rodrigo’s music as more than just sad break up songs. “Deja vu” debuted on the “Billboard Hot 100” at number eight but peaked at number three.

“Good 4 u,” Rodrigo’s third single, has an early 2000s punk rock vibe to it that many are comparing to “Misery Business” by Paramore. Although it is not the typical 2021 pop song, people around the world can not get enough. The song debuted on the “Billboard Hot 100” at number one, just as “drivers license” did, and is breaking records left and right. With 84,131,760 streams, “good 4 u” took the number one spot for most-streamed song within one week on the Global Spotify chart, beating the previous record set by her own “drivers license,” which earned 80,764,045 in one week.

There’s no debating that Rodrigo’s album SOUR took the music industry by storm. The only real debate is what the best song on SOUR actually is. The Lance votes “favorite crime,” but tell us your thoughts here:

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