Costumes crew gets creative for Tarzan

This year’s all-school production of Tarzan has the costume crew thinking.  As actors are memorizing lines and perfecting dance routines, the costumes team and other behind-the-scenes crew are working hard to make Tarzan come to life.  “Every year we are in charge of making outfits for the cast, as well as some props, and sometimes even find ourselves helping with set design,” said Nicolle Karrenberg, senior and a member of the costumes crew.

“It’s a big commitment,” said Karrenberg, “we normally have meetings twice a week, and we spend a lot of time at the school. Sometimes it is difficult to handle with schoolwork, and other activities outside of school.  It’s worth it for the final product though.”

Ella Howe, senior and wardrobe manager, said, “a lot of creativity is involved in the production of this year’s costumes.”  In fact, Howe added that many of the materials for “things like flowers, gorillas, and birds have been collected over the past few weeks” by the cast and crew.  After the materials have been collected, “We sew, stitch, braid, and cut to create the costumes for this year’s show,” Howe said.  More specifically, Howe and her crew have been “cutting shirts into ape clothing, and making flowers and wings out of paper.”

Lily Nelson, senior and another wardrobe manager, noted “the time and effort that goes into this year’s creative costumes is definitely worth it because the show is going to come to life, and that’s all that matters.”

Both Howe and Nelson are eager to see their costumes on stage.  “It’s a lot of work, but it will most definitely pay off in the end,” Howe said.