Halloween Post-Quarantine

OT students and staff in spirit this Halloween

The halls are once again filled with teachers, students, and staff in costume, marking two years since the last Halloween to take place at school. Costumes ranged from the classics to celebrities and everything in between.


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  • Clodagh O’Connor and Ellie Bob as Nintendo characters.

  • Sophomore Antonio Capagna wearing Shane Sedano’s halloween costume in Art class.

  • Katie Park and Kaitlyn Siek dressed as skeletons… or their favorite indie rock artist Phoebe Bridgers.

  • Mrs. Fernandez shows off her classic gory costume.

  • Tots dressed as a princess and the Flash.

  • Seniors in Italian class wearing costumes.

  • Met a cow and dinosaur in the bathroom! (Freshmen Emma Chocho and Samantha Tate).

  • Senior Elena Nunez is a black cat costume.

  • Seniors Zayd Qureshi as Humphrey Bogart and Ian McGreevy as Abraham Lincoln.

  • Sophomore Liana Farah dressed as Jessie getting ready for the rodeo!

  • Roman Gatti as Bob Ross painting a window.

  • Mrs. Nelson preparing her candy and snack spread for the Tot trick-or-treaters.

  • Ms. Massaro came dressed as her favorite Dunkin’ iced coffee.

  • Senior Chase Wohner gets into character as a crash dummy.

  • Senior Nick Conticello looking clean as Mr. Clean.

  • Ava Petrilli as Ben Simmons from the 76ers.

  • Ashley Park in a dinosaur onesie.

  • Child Development classes held a parade and trick-or-treating for the tots this year.

  • Senior Drew Maier dresses up as Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro.

  • Ms. Wilcox, Mr. M, and Mr. S as Charlie Brown characters.

  • Mrs. Doherty and her class embraced their inner Dracula.

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