Save the Birds

Photography club holds window decal fundraiser to protect birds


Emma Mor

Decals on classroom windows will help birds avoid flying into them.

When photography club advisor Jeffrey Train discovered two birds, one dead and one injured, that had flown into a classroom window, he knew immediately that he had to help. 

Inspired by the two birds, which he named “Blue” and “Gold,” Train decided to take the issue to the photography club. The club’s student officers came up with the idea to sell window decals to prevent the window-inflicted deaths that many birds face, especially during migration. These decals are intended to reflect light into the birds’ eyes and direct them away from closed windows. There are eight different types of decals to choose from, and anyone has the option to adopt a window or purchase a decal as a gift.

As winter approaches, birds often travel for days at a time while migrating south and seek places to rest.  This phenomenon leads to window strikes, which kill up to one billion birds each year. 

“Every decal that people buy is one way that they can say, ‘We care about these animals,’” said Train.

Brook Zelcer, a fellow English teacher who shares Train’s passion for birds, encouraged the fundraiser. “It’s a connection that I think should be strengthened and enhanced whenever possible because [birds] only bring beauty into the world,” said Zelcer. 

Although he was heartbroken over Blue’s death, Train decided to use his experience with the two birds as a teaching moment, in hopes to avoid it from occurring again. “I think it’s healthy and empowering to acknowledge when sad things happen and use those as opportunities to bring about change,” he said. 

Although the fundraiser ends on December 1, Train hopes that the decals will leave a lasting impact on local birds: “Let’s make it so the next migration, when birds are passing through, we have a way to protect them.”