Video Game Recs: Holiday Edition

Video Game Recs: Holiday Edition

What games to play to fall into the holiday spirit

The holiday season has officially started, and to relax during winter break, why not sit by the fire and enjoy a good video game? Which video games would bring the most winter spirit possible? As I rattle off the top winter-themed video games, get your hot cocoa ready, and snuggle up with a blanket–things are about to get crisp. 

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  • 10) Terraria – [Multi-platform] It’s like Minecraft, but cubes are replaced by pixels, and it’s 2D instead of 3D. With winter wonderlands and cozy lodges for all, the beauty of this game shines through with its friendly warmth. The snow flurries, the crisp winter air–it’s all so pretty! I wish I lived there–it seems so pretty and lively.

  • 9) Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – [Playstation] Swing into action with Miles Morales through the snowy cityscape. Take down crime and save the world from the evils in this action-packed journey. For an action-based game, the snowy setting feels a nice touch, as the snow adds a sense of beauty to all the violence. Although I think if I keep swinging from the tops of buildings, I’ll be sick to my stomach!

  • 8) Persona 4 – [Multi-Platform] Celebrate winter in the fictional town of Inaba after solving the mysteries of the distorting TV channel. Look into a string of disruptive murders that ruin the peace, then work with your friends to figure out the truth of the case. Celebrate your victory with some fun in the snow, skiing with your friends after a long day of murder solving.

  • 7) Undertale – [Multi-Platform] Is that skeleton gone? Thankfully, he is; he thinks I wanna fight! Traverse the underground as your local quiet kid Frisk and encounter monster after monster, learning why this world was forced underground. One of the primary locations for your visit, Snowdin, will surely give the comforting feel of a winter community. Meet friendly faces like Grillby, Papyrus, and Sans, and get to know them. Welcome to the underground, are you ready to catch some frostbite?

  • 6) Kingdom Hearts II – [Multi-Platform] This is Halloween, this is Halloween—never mind, we’re in December. Explore the land of Disney as your keyblade-wielding protagonist, Sora, runs through snowy biomes alongside Donald Duck and Goofy. The central spot for your snowy needs, the nightmare before Christmas realm, will get you psyched up for what’s to come of Christmas! And no, we are not having an argument over whether Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or a Christmas movie.

  • 5) Secret of Mana – [Multi-Platform] It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying fortress? Follow the three heroes as they fight back against the evil empire as it tries to take over their home. Level up your heroes and gain hit points, armor, and weapons to help them fend off the hostile monsters. Surprisingly, this game is old, like Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) old, yet somehow still holds up for its lovely winter pixel art. It just goes to show that you, too, can be remembered if you put your mind to it.

  • 4) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – [Switch] Why do we still call it Legend of Zelda when the protagonist is named Link? Nonetheless, wake up alongside Link after a 100-year slumber and slowly regain your memory as you scavenge for survival. Large snowy mountains paint wonderful pictures for the mind and put your mind at ease as you play.

  • 3) Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – [Playstation] Follow Aloy as she learns about dangerous machines harming the Banuk tribe and connects with the worshiped AI known as Spirit to protect the Banuk from Daemon, who tries to block transmissions from the AI. Fight your way to the heart of it all and defeat the CYAN’s core, saving the Banuk tribe from impending doom.

  • 2) Octopath Traveler – [Multi-platform] Travel individually with the eight protagonists as they journey through Orsterra, eventually joining together as they find their enemies linked to a common boss. Fight against the final boss with the eight heroes in the realm of the afterlife, banishing the villain for good and setting your friend Kit’s soul free. The wondrous feeling of traveling to the afterlife with your squad to end some demons and release your friends soul. Sounds like your average Thursday to me.

  • 1) I am Setsuna – [Switch & Steam] Sacrificing someone to appease the demons sounds like a great plot to me! Follow an assassin as he goes through a glorious winter landscape on his journey to murder Setsuna, the girl chosen to be the sacrifice. Through heartbreak and somber storytelling, Setsuna eventually becomes nothing more than a spirit, happy the assassin, Ednir, followed through on his goal. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.

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As winter winds crisp and snow flurries fall, it’s the perfect moment to cuddle up with your pet or blanket and enjoy yourself in the story of these video games. A happy holiday to all, and to all, a happy and successful video game session!

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