Romance Books: Hoovers Top 5

Romance Books: Hoover’s Top 5

Books Filled With Love This Valentine’s Day

I’m sure we can all agree that every girl can’t wait for the first Valentine’s Day they’ll get to share with that special someone. But the reality is, almost all of us are sadly single (and that’s not by choice). Buttt what’s a better way to live out our unrealistic romantic expectations than through books?? And who is the queen of romance books? Colleen Hoover is the only correct answer. Here are some of Hoover’s most romantic and heart-warming books that are sure to get you through this holiday. 

Ugly Love 

Don’t we all love the brother’s best friend trope?? Well, this book is exactly that. When Tate Collins moves in with her brother, she meets Miles Archer. Miles Archer works as an airplane pilot with a mysterious past that no one gets to know about. His famous words are “Don’t ask about my past” and “Don’t expect a future”. Romantic right?? It is definitely not love at first sight, but the chase is what captivated us. Both characters want absolutely nothing to do with being in a relationship, but we all know that “no strings attached” is never a good idea. 


A suspenseful, romantic thriller is something you just need during Valentine’s Day. Verity starts off with a writer, Lowen, who is faced with a challenge to finish writing the unfinished books of an amazing author. Verity Crawford was known for publishing interesting and twisted books that Lowen was chosen out of many to take over. She ends up staying in Verity’s home with her husband, Jeremy, due to extensive hours. But what happens when Lowen goes through Verity’s desk and uncovers all of her dark secrets? Will Jeremy fall in love with Verity, for all of the wrong reasons? Read this book and you will definitely be at the edge of your seat this season. 

Heart Bones

Heart Bones is a book plotted on the beach, which we all would love, since we dream about being on the beach everyday. This story about Beyah and Samson is very heart wrenching, yet majestic! It starts off when Beyah is forced to call her dad, who’d recently skipped her graduation, and ask to stay with him until she leaves for college. This was due to the loss of her mother, which she didn’t tell her father about, and the volleyball scholarship that fell through. Her next door neighbor, Samson, is super rich and finds his way to Beyah. Due to their immediate connection, Beyah and Samson agree to date but only as a “summer fling.” Neither of them wants to become too attached; however, it doesn’t go as planned. This story on the beach has many sudden plot twists, and the plot mixes sadness and happiness in a smooth way. 

It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us follows the love story of business owner, Lily Bloom, and neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid. Bloom, who has just moved to Boston after her father’s death, meets Kincaid and there is an undeniable spark. While Lily and Ryle’s situationship continues, Lily starts reading her journals from high school, featuring her first ever love: Atlas. Two love stories combined into one?? How can it get better than that?! And if you think the plot sounds boring, let’s not forget Hoover has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Definitely go pick this book up for this holiday season.  

November 9th

Saving the best for last: November 9th by Colleen Hoover is arguably one of the cutest, gut-wrenching romance books. Main character, Fallon, meets aspiring journalist Ben. Ben and Fallon meet in Los Angeles on November 9th– just as Fallon is about to make her permanent move across the country, crushing their instant connection. The two have to part ways, but choose to reconnect every November 9. This book will put you through so many emotions, let’s not forget about that PLOT TWIST. 

With these books in your hands, you will NOT be alone this Valentine’s Day. Colleen Hoover is known for her spicy, plot-twisting, sad, heartening stories. These books will grab you and make you emotionally attached to every character–a great way to go about this holiday while single. 

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