How to Deal with Heartbreak

How to Deal with Heartbreak

The Lance’s Guide to Stop Texting them Back

Pass the tissues and wipe those tears away—The Lance wants to give you the best advice on how to deal with heartbreak. Heartbreak is something that we all experience once in our lives. Breakups can be tough on someone no matter the circumstance; we all find ourselves scrolling through your past memories with your ex, which doesn’t make the situation any better. It’s time to erase those photos from your camera roll because we’re here to help you heal and deal with all your emotions.   


1. Give yourself time to grieve

Even though you may be focused on forgetting your ex-lover, it is important to allow yourself to get in the feels and reminisce over what was. Allow yourself to cry, yell, or violently throw an old picture frame they gave you at the wall–whatever you need to feel the feels. 


2. Take care of yourself

While being in a relationship, you can find yourself putting your significant other first. Some tend to forget to take care of themselves because they are so distracted. That’s why going through a breakup is the perfect time to prioritize yourself. Check up on yourself multiple times a day and make sure to eat, get enough sleep, and prioritize your health. Finding a new hobby, making new friends, traveling for a change of scenery can all help your self-care process. 


3. Focus on your goals

In a relationship, you often put your partner’s wants before your own. Now that you’ve finally been given some long-needed freedom from each other, it’s important to rechannel your efforts and energy to suit your own ambitions. It could be something as simple as pursuing a new hobby or as big as starting your own small business. Whatever it is, take some time to identify where you want to be standing in the long run instead of focusing on your current struggles.



Most importantly, it’s time to leave the person you were in the past and change yourself for the better! While this isn’t necessary, a new hairstyle or even a change in clothing style can make you feel like a brand new person. Glow-ups are not only physical, but they can also be a mental change or difference. For example, changing your mindset and perspective can overall help your well-being. 


5. Move on

Finally, at this stage, the sadness, anger, and desperation starts to wear away. Whether it takes two weeks, two months, or two years, you will eventually be able to move on with your life. You will not only feel better mentally, but you will also start to recover your old self. Get excited for what’s to come and head into new relationships with an open mind. Most importantly, acknowledge and remember your worth–you NEVER want to settle for less. 


6. Keep No Contact

Even if you think you’ve gotten rid of any lingering feelings, you’re still at your most vulnerable. You may feel especially inclined to send a quick snap or a risky text in hopes of reviving a seemingly dead relationship, but it is key to remember why your relationship ended in the first place. To stop yourself from breaking the no-contact rule, keep yourself occupied. Staying busy, getting off social media, and remembering your goals can all help maintain a strong mindset in times of struggle.


Breakups are definitely emotionally, mentally and physically difficult to go through. Even through these struggles, this time period of your life will shape you into a better individual, shaping improved standards for future love interests. So, throw those day old CVS chocolates away, turn off that sad romcom movie, and bookmark our article for your future heartbreaks!

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