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Table For One

Dates to Take Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Calling all singles who do not want to mingle with others February 14! While some people might be out and about with their S.O., we all know that putting yourself first is key to having a happy life. Whether you’ve just broken up with your S.O. or have been rocking being single for your whole life, here are a few dates that you can take yourself on:

1) Hiking 

Get out and away from everyone else. It may sound a little ambitious to go all the way to the wilderness to avoid seeing couples all over each other, but the great outdoors always calls. Hiking is a way to heal and to get away from the world, and after seeing everyone’s overly cheesy Instagram posts about their boo, you will probably need to reconnect with nature. 

2) Spa Day

Nobody knows what you want more than yourself. Having a relaxing spa day, whether it be a bath with rose petals and a bath bomb or an extensive skin care routine, peace of body usually equals peace of mind, so a relaxing day where you go all out is always recommended. Cleanse your body of the dirt and your mind of the cringey couples that can’t take their hands off of each other.

3) Baking 

It may be true that there is nothing sweeter than falling in love, but we’re pretty sure eating comes close. Baking is a fun pastime that allows for a lot of creative liberties. The second best thing to baking is decorating everything with cute roses and hearts accompanied by a color scheme of pink, white, and red. And of the course, the best part: you get to eat it. Even better, you don’t have to share with anyone. 

4) Movie/Show

Open your phone, not to check sickly sweet messages from admirers, but to open up a streaming service. Watching movies and shows is the best pastime for a majority of people, and why should Valentine’s Day be any different? Watching funny shows and movies will make it seem like the dreaded day will pass by quicker. While everyone else is getting lost in their lovers’ eyes, you will be getting lost in the wonderful world of movies and shows. 

5) Pet Day

Who is cuter than your Instagram friend’s boyfriend she posts about every 5 seconds? Your pet. It is always wise to surround yourself with good energy, and who has better energy than animals? Reward your good girl/boy with a spa day or a walk in the park. As long as you’re there playing with them, they will be the happiest, and that’s why we love them. At least you know that you have a loyal companion, something that certain couples will never understand. 

6) Splurge 

The timeless question: love or money? Why not use money to buy the things you love? While everyone else is out and about buying things for others, you can use that money to buy the brand new shoes you’ve been wanting. You deserve it after having to watch couples peel themselves off each other. Gift giving is an important love language, so make sure you express it to yourself! 


Valentine’s Day is the day for love, so don’t forget to express it to yourself! While all those couples are out and about being all lovey dovey, you can indulge in some self care. You spend the most time with yourself over any other person, so be sure to make it worthwhile!

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