Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?

Do you have to ask your partner to be your valentine?

Asking someone to be your valentine can be nerve-wracking. Unless you’re dating, of course, because you know they have to say yes…right? Well, maybe not. 

Have you guys seen TikTok videos of girls complaining they will sell their boyfriends for NOT asking them to be their valentine? Should boyfriends ask their girlfriends to be their valentine, or is it just simply redundant? Everyone loves the feeling of being asked to be a valentine. It makes you feel warm, good, and happy inside. Although if you have the privilege of being in a relationship is it a necessary question? 

Angela: Well I say no, I think it is quite a redundant question. If you are already dating, of course you will be each other’s valentine. Senior Christian Brueck says, “Boyfriends don’t need to ask since being a valentine is an inherently romantic gesture.” I think it is just quite silly and a way for people to get attention from their boyfriends when they are insecure and need reassurance. But perhaps it is okay to be insecure and maybe you just need that reassurance from your boyfriend. Brueck adds “but some girls probably like it when you do, so it’s nice to ask.”

Muskan: It’s still important for a person to show their continued love and dedication to a partner. I don’t think it is necessary to make a grand gesture or a big poster or spend a lot of money, but just asking the question does a lot. And, I’m not alone in my opinion: Senior Sadie Beavers says, “I don’t even need a gift, I just want to be asked by a partner so I know they care about the little things.” Being asked makes you happy because you get a greater sense of love on Cupid’s Day.

The solution to this question is simple: communication. If you want your partner to ask you to be their valentine, let them know. They won’t be able to read your mind and might not know how the other person feels about being asked. It’s important to be as understanding as possible; if the two of you have different perspectives on this topic, simply talk it out with zero judgment. Make sure to fill your valentine’s day with love and happiness, not anger and resentment.

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