The Lance’s Top Ten Sports Moments- Day Five

With the decade coming to a close, it is important to remember the most important events, more specifically, the defining sports moments. This is a compilation of the top 10 most memorable sports moments of the past decade. 

Our list is based on two basic principles: memorability and unpredictability. The first and most important aspect of any sports moment is memorability by the general majority. For instance, if you were to ask anyone about a certain moment on this list they would surely remember it, regardless of the sport they are a fan of. Unpredictability is the second factor, as it is much more memorable and exciting to see an underdog or unexpected team win or pull off an upset. Overall, this list compiles the top 10 sports moments of the decade.

2. Falcons-Patriots comeback

28-3. There is no better way to depict the improbability of this comeback than 28-3. On route to their fifth Super Bowl championship, the New England Patriots faced one of the strongest defenses in recent memory. The Falcons were led by first-team All-Pro linebacker Vic Beasley, who posted an impressive 15 ½  sacks and 6 forced fumbles in the regular season. But the team was more than just a monster defense, it also came equipped with an offense led by first-team All-Pro players Matt Ryan (QB) and Julio Jones (WR). 

On the other hand, the Patriots were near the top of the league. Led by arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, the Patriots scored 16 points in the 4th quarter to complete the most impressive comeback in the history of football, which eventually led to their victory in overtime.

1. Warriors-Cleveland Comeback

In 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off one of the most historic and improbable comebacks in the history of the NBA. The Golden State Warriors were coming off of the best regular season of all time, going 73-9. Additionally, the Warriors were looking to repeat a championship after winning the 2015 finals. They advanced to the finals by overcoming a 3-1 lead versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were led by Steph Curry, the first and only unanimous MVP in the history of the NBA. They had two other all-stars in their lineup as well: Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. 

The Cavaliers fell to 3-1 in the series, and many assumed their season was over. Lesson learned: never count out LeBron. The Cavs bounced back by winning three games in a row, including the series, the first championship for Cleveland in its history.

 The final three minutes of Game 7 featured huge moments for both Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Both teams were tied at 89 points for almost 2 minutes, and the Warriors had a chance at breaking the stalemate, but Lebron had other plans. A fast-break layup for Andre Iguodala was denied by Lebron off the backboard. In the following possession for the Cavaliers, Kyrie sized up for a deep three and sunk it in Curry’s face. The Cavs went on to win the series after a Lebron free throw iced the game. This series cemented LeBron’s legacy as one of the best basketball players of all time.