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What’s up OT? Livi and Gianna here. Here are our opinions (the only ones that matter) on the most recent celeb gossip. 

Starting off strong with…

Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford’s rumored breakup

Is love even real??? The answer is no.

Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of the band The Neighborhood, and Devon Lee Carlson, fashion influencer, are Hollywood’s IT couple–or should we say were. Rutherford gained traction through his music, while Carlson made her way into the celebrity world through her brand “Wildflower Cases.” Her relevancy only increases as she continues to form connections and friendships to icons such as supermodel Bella Hadid, pop princess Olivia Rodrigo, and internet sensation Emma Chamberlain. The two set the standards for the rockstar and fashion-it-girl couple.

The couple was rumored to have split via a submission to the Instagram account deumoix, and people are devastated to say the least. Although not confirmed, the tip sparked intense fan investigation, and the results are not looking too good. The pair failed to share their annual Halloween pictures together and have not been active with one another on social media. Although the breakup is not confirmed, it seems that the speculation is correct.

This breakup has people all over questioning their ideas of love. Seems pretty extreme for a celebrity breakup, but is it? The two were high school sweethearts who remained friends after a split, eventually finding their way back to one another in 2014 to then date for seven years. Their love for one another was not a secret—Rutherford’s lyrics and music videos, as well as Carlson’s vlogs and Instagram posts showed fans just how in love they were. They did fashion collaborations together, bought a house, and even shared a dog (their beloved Marty). Fans who were overly invested in this relationship (**cough cough** us) might be even more heartbroken than the ex-couple. 

Hopefully we can see more of them in future if the rumors are false, or if they decide to rekindle their relationship at some point. But until then, Baby Came Home 2/Valentines will be perpetually playing on repeat. Now, the only real question left that matters is: where’s Marty and who got custody?

Next up: Is a celebrity gossip article even complete if the Kardashians aren’t brought up at some point?

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are not a thing

Did Pete Davidson land THE Kim K? It’s possible, but we don’t think so. 

While we would be in total support of this couple, as they are two of the hottest names in pop culture right now, the timing of their get-together is questionable to say the least.

The two have been seen out-and-about visiting amusement parks and displaying mutual affection, but is this time spent together genuine, or for personal gain? Definitely the latter. 

We think that Kris Jenner, the infamous yet crazy-genius momager, is behind this. The supposed couple is the talk of the town and the timing is almost too convenient. The rumors surrounding “the item” seem to be solely for publicity, as they have worked to distract the media from the drama revolving around Travis Scott’s Astroworld scandal. Is Kris using her familial resources to draw attention away from a devastating incident? Looks like it. Her plan is creative and seemingly effective, but we’re not buying it.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammy nominations

In short, Olivia Rodrigo deserves the world, along with all seven Grammy nominations she received. Yes, they were all well-deserved, and no, you can’t convince us otherwise. 

While the song “driver’s license” might be a tad overplayed, do not let that take away from just how much you probably loved it when it was first released. DON’T YOU REMEMBER?! In the car, in the shower, in your room, at school…the song was on blast (and loop) worldwide. 

Now, let’s talk about the album. It better win. Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR broke records upon records for streaming numbers, and placed Rodrigo’s name amongst A-list pop stars. The album contained eleven tracks, all of which are definitely worth the listen. With this breakthrough, she is now an icon to the younger generations, and we love that for her. 

Closing statement: if Olivia Rodrigo does not win best new artist, there was a mistake.

Keeping with the theme of Rodrigo (maybe we should start a fanpage):


Coming soon to a venue near you, Olivia Rodrigo live on tour.


Rodrigo just announced that she will officially be touring her hugely successful album world-wide. This has fans going WILD, as everyone is dying to see their new favorite pop-princess take the stage and own it. Just imagine hearing ‘favorite crime’ played live and in stereo. Only problem is finding tickets, and if you’re able to, well then ‘good 4 u.’

Even with the record-breaking success of SOUR, Rodrigo’s tour will not consist of stadium venues. In New York City, she will be performing at Radio City Music Hall, a venue that seats just 6,000 people. While that is a huge number, we underestimate just how popular Rodrigo really is and just how many people are waiting on this ticket line. She explains her choice of smaller venues, saying that she didn’t want to skip any steps in her career. So was performing at the BRITS, the VMAs, and the AMAs not preparation enough? She should be making more of an effort to cater to her huge global fan base. 

The venues sold out instantly, as the singer has 44.8 million monthly Spotify listeners. Over 40,000 fans waited on a virtual line to get tickets to her Boston show with a capacity of 3,500 guests. Now, there are limited pit seats available selling for almost $5,000 a piece. Looks like many of us are going to be waiting for a new album before seeing her live. 

Speaking of tours, 

Harry Styles: the enigma

Who is he? Where is he? What’s he doing? Is he even real?

TBH we don’t know—he does seem too good to be true, at least for those who were lucky or vigilant enough to see him on tour (and we are still jealous).

This British boy band dropout is arguably the only member of One Direction who retained his spot on the A-list after the group disbanded. For the past four months, Styles has been touring his Grammy-winning album Fine Line. Now that Love On Tour is officially over, is Harry Styles on a hiatus of his own? 

Fans are apprehensive that we won’t be hearing from Harry, as he tends to hide away from the public during his down-time. Seriously, the guy disappears into thin air. But the real question is: will he be gone for long? 

Harry just dropped his new beauty brand “Pleasing,” so hopefully we can expect more content from him as he promotes his new line. We can only hope that he doesn’t pull a Rihanna and completely ditch music for the beauty industry. However, there are also rumors circulating of a third album coming out in the new year, so maybe there is hope. Don’t get too excited though, because nothing is clear just yet. 

Anyways, that’s all we have for you today. But don’t get too upset, this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from us.

XOXO, your public relations editors

The latest celebrity gossip, broken down by your PR editors. (Olivia Klein)