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Deja-boo: GOAT Teacher Costumes

The Lance ranks the most fang-tastic teacher costumes in NVOT history

From Halloween staples like witches to popular characters like Barbie, it is safe to assume that this year’s Halloween costumes will have no limits. However, in NVOT’s past, we have had our share of unique and creative costumes and not from our students, but from our own teachers. We ranked the most iconic NVOT fashionistas who have taken the saying go big or go(urd) home to heart. Let’s take a look into the most different, original, and fun costumes in NVOT history.

11. Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! Although we did think that phys ed teacher Timothy Byron should get extra points for having a matching costume (squad ghouls!), Superman is a costume that’s been done time and time again. That’s not to say that he didn’t execute this costume well, because he did. However, this Superman didn’t save the world. Sorry, Byron!

Courtesy of Timothy Byron

10. Zipper Face

Although the realism of social studies teacher Jennifer Fernandez’s makeup is uncanny, I feel like we’ve all seen this zipper face look a thousand times now. We have to give this Fernandez some credit, though, because her skillful use of makeup and goo is terrifyingly accurate. Look at those petrifying facial expressions! You nailed it, Fernandez! But, we have even better and more unique costumes in this ranking, so eighth place she goes.

Courtesy of Jennifer Fernandez

9. Fruit Loops

Call special education teacher Katherine Doherty a cereal killer the way she is slashing the competition! We can tell the amount of effort Doherty put into this costume is obvious as she created almost every aspect of her costume herself. Her creative use of pool noodles to act as the cereal and paper towels to act as the milk got her extra points in our ranking. There’s no question Doherty takes Halloween extremely cerea(s)l-y!

Courtesy of Katherine Doherty

8. Melanie Daniels

You bet Fernandez ruffled some feathers with her interpretation of Melanie Daniels! Again with her out-of-this-world facial expressions and props, Fernandez always brings a unique aspect to her costumes. Other than the fact that she may need some serious medical attention, we thought that Fernandez went above and beyond with this costume. However, it isn’t an instantly recognizable costume that many younger generations will understand, so therefore, she placed lower in our ranks.

Courtesy of Jennifer Fernandez

7. Darla

English teacher Jaclyn Hering was really not squiddin’ around with her interpretation of Darla from Finding Nemo. Hering flaunted her fish-ionista side for all to see. Every detail Hering poured into this costume impressed us, from the over-the-top eyebrows to the fish in the plastic bag. Just make sure not to flush that fish down the toilet!

Courtesy of Jaclyn Hering

6. Snooki

Don’t we all wish we were like Snooki? Partying all day without a care, Snooki is one of the most iconic reality stars in history, and Fernandez captured her look to a tee. From the obnoxious, glittery shades to her oversized jar of pickles, everything about this costume screams reality television star, earning this Fernandez look the sixth spot on this list.

Courtesy of Jennifer Fernandez

5. Hello Kitty

Social studies teacher Robert Ortiz portrayed Hello Kitty purr-fectly with this hilarious yet adorable costume. Just look at Ortiz with his pretty pink bow. It almost makes us want to give this Hello Kitty infinite belly rubs. Ortiz highlighted Hello Kitty’s charming and endearing nature all while retaining a sense of unexpectedness. Ortiz really wasn’t kitten’ around with this costume!

Courtesy of Robert Ortiz

4. Giraffe

Doherty reached new heights (literally) with her four-legged giraffe costume. This creative yet hilarious costume shocked us all and made us question: how does Doherty create these masterpieces? Her craftsmanship is top-notch: the giant neck as well as the stilt-like legs show the amount of thought she put into this costume. We would give you a high-five, but it seems like you’ve got your hands full-actually, you don’t even have any!

Courtesy of Katherine Doherty

3. Golden Girls
As Blanche Devereaux once said, “Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping,” and I’m sure all Wellness Coordinator Gina Restivo, phys ed teacher Lindsay Steffner, math teacher Megan Langan, and guidance counselor Amanda Fitzpatrick did was go shopping to pull off this look! They even went as far as adding a background to their photos, posing like supermodels. Because of their extended effort in first their extremely accurate costumes and then in editing the photos, we gave the Golden Girls third.


2. Sick Day

Ach-boo! Fernandez is sneezing her way through the rankings. However, it seems like her costumes were too cold in past years as she seems to be coming down with a horrible bug. Her immense detail with her mismatching socks and face makeup almost forced us to give her a top ranking. I mean, just look at those snot-filled looking tissues! She may not feel fa-boo-lous, but she sure looks the part! I think we may need to call an ambulance; not for Fernandez, but for everyone else because she is killing these costumes.

Courtesy of Jennifer Fernandez

1. Hannibal Lecter

In first place we have Fernandez’s Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. Look at that crazy look in her eyes…who else is scared? Fernandez’s use of props (what is she even on?!) and extremely accurate makeup impressed The Lance so much that we felt obligated to give her first place (she definitely did not threaten to eat us if we didn’t). She even went as far as tying herself up onto her stretcher-like contraption. If that’s not true dedication, we don’t know what is. Just one question…how did she end up freeing herself?

Courtesy of Jennifer Fernandez

Picking just eleven costumes from the amazing photos we got was nearly impossible. Obviously all these costumes were fang-tastically amazing. Check out the honorable mention gallery and let us know in the poll who you think the GOAT is. Happy Halloween, NVOT!

Which teacher is the Halloween costume GOAT?


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  • Robert Ortiz – Saturn Devouring His Son

  • Katherine Doherty – The Solar System

  • Katherine Doherty – The Statue of Liberty

  • Katherine Doherty – Piñata

  • Jaclyn Hering – Melanie Daniels (The Birds)

  • Courtney Reinfried + Elizabeth (Tot) – Cow Jumping Over the Moon

  • Katherine Doherty – C-3PO

  • Timothy Byron – Uncle Sam

  • Timothy Byron – Zorro (The Mask of Zorro)

  • Robert Ortiz – General Zod

  • Robert Ortiz – Yosemite Sam

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