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Creepin’ it Real with Halloween Disney

The Lance’s Top 5 Halloween Disney Channel Episodes

Lift your spirits and get rid of that resting witch face because in October, Disney Channel airs Halloween-themed episodes. Even though they might not be the scariest episodes, teens still enjoy rewatching and reminiscing over their favorite Disney characters from the past. We have compiled a list of our favorite Halloween Disney episodes that are full of tricks and treats:

#5: “Halloween”, Wizards of Waverly Place. Season 3, Episode 2. 

Join wizards-in-training Alex Russo and her brothers, Justin and Max, as they prepare to host their annual haunted house. To change the town’s mind about the haunted house not being scary enough, Alex goes to the wizarding world to find real ghosts. She brings back Mantooth, the scariest ghost in history, to make the house terrifying, but she ultimately fails. This episode strikes a perfect balance between fright (well…as scary as Disney can get) and humor.

 #4: “Torn Between Two Hannahs”, Hannah Montana. Season 1, Episode 17.

Miley Stewart is living a double life being a normal high school teenager AND being a world famous pop star, Hannah Montana. Damn…what a life! This particular episode, Torn Between Two Hannahs, is about Luann, Miley’s look-alike cousin, coming to visit the Stewart family. You might think, what’s the problem here? But you must know that Miley and Luann had major beef growing up. They HATED each other, but Miley is forced to take Luann to a celebrity Halloween party. However, it’s revealed that Luann is actually posing as Hannah, and she plans to expose Miley’s secret. Miley arrives at the party, dressed up as Hannah, just in time to stop Luaan from telling her secret and it’s up to Miley’s best friends to distinguish the two Hannahs apart. Overall, this is too cute to spook, so it’s definitely more kid friendly. 

#3: “The Ghost of Suite 613”, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Season 1, Episode 19. 

In this episode, the twin troublemakers are informed about a ghost roaming around in one of the hotel rooms. Even though Zack and Cody are twins, they do not act the same. Cody gets frightened by the ghost and Zack thinks it’s hilarious. Zack scares his brother and makes him spend the rest of the night in the room with Maddie, London, and Esteban, who are other characters in the show. Esteban, the hotel Bell-boy, goal was to prank Zack, by leading the séance and talking in the ghost’s voice. Oh my gourd, this episode is scary and funny because of the “ghost” and the pranks.        

#2: The Whining”, Jessie. Season 2, Episode 1. 

While the Ross kid’s parents are gone leaving them alone in a million dollar New York penthouse, they tend to get a little out of control, leaving the episodes full of surprises. Particularly, in the beginning of the episode, the Ross kids run into an old doorman who spooks them with a story of a creepy, crazy nanny that lived on the thirteenth the thirteenth floor.. As a result, Luke, one of the younger siblings, decides to take his siblings up there to trick or treat. Eventually, they walk in on their nanny Jessie, thinking she’s the crazy nanny the old doorman warned them about. This episode must have put us under a spell because we can’t stop rewatching it!

#1: “Scary Had a Little Lamb”, Good luck Charlie. Season 2, Episode 25.

In the series, Teddy captures family craziness and meaningful lessons in a video blog for her newborn little sister. In this special episode, Amy and Bob, the parents, dress up as each other for Halloween. Teddy seeks revenge on a teenager who scared him when she was trick or treating with her sister. Gabe, the second-oldest son, has to deal with his neighbor complaining about her house being egged and toilet papered. Also, PJ, the oldest son, starts dating a goth girl, but becomes upset because he is changing his appearance to be like hers. This episode is jammed full of different stories and moments that engage the audience. We know for a fact that we will be goblin our candy on Halloween while rewatching this episode! 


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