OT Couples to look out for this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the singles of NVOT cringe at the thought of love in the air. Throughout our three years here, we’ve seen our fair share of different couples and compiled a list of them that you will probably see gracing the halls this Valentine’s Day. 


 The Joined-By-The-Hip Couple 

We’re starting off this list with the most common pair at OT. This pair is usually freshly together and wants to spend every second possible with their significant other. They’re often in their own little world, waiting for each other after class, and whenever you see one, you see the other closely trailing behind. You will never quite find this couple separated, and if you do, it is often only for a maximum of one period. 


The On-and-Off Couple

You never quite know the status of this couple. They have probably been together for some time, but it’s never safe to assume they’ll stay together for long. One little fight later, all traces of their relationship are gone, and it’s as if they never dated. Don’t worry, though, by the end of the week, they’ll probably be back on your Instagram feed and stronger than ever.

The “PDA” couple

This pair’s love language is physical touch, and they will make sure everybody knows. They’re always holding hands or have an arm around each other, and of course, kisses and hugs in the middle of the hallways are a must. Even if everyone rolls their eyes when they see this couple, deep down, we all know we hate ‘em cause we ain’t ‘em.


The Athletic Couple

You can always catch them on a run together or training for their next game or match. This couple also includes the stereotypical football and cheerleader combo—the cutest. They are always at each other’s games cheering the other on and are always each other’s biggest supporter. 


The Band Couple 

Each year, there always seems to be a new couple within the band community. Whether it be through the school band program or marching band, there is always love in the air. You can catch them in the band room amongst their friends during lunch and can expect to always see them walking out of school together. 

The “Oh, they’re together???” couple

These two are interesting because nobody could have ever seen them being together. Not in a bad way of course, but the match is just simply unexpected. Their relationship is usually announced at big events like prom when they walk hand in hand and cause all jaws to drop. They are the definition of finding love where you would least expect it. 

The Age Gap Couple

You know that stereotype of age gaps? That is no different here at NVOT. This couple has that cliche sophomore-senior year age gap and usually loves showing off their relationship any chance they get. You can always see them on each other’s stories driving around together and grabbing meals at 10 p.m. If you see one of these couples, remember to wish them luck on their fast-approaching long-distance relationship.  

The Situationship

If you don’t know what a situationship is, it is basically what it sounds like. These two keep everybody on their toes with their uncertain relationship. Are they just friends? Are they a couple? Nobody knows. This couple can be seen being “sus” at times whether it be constantly talking, snapping, or even at times, hanging out one on one outside of school. If you approach and ask, you will usually be met with this answer: “We’re just friends!”

The Soulmates

Everyone knows that one couple that’s been destined to date since they were in third grade. You probably don’t want to be caught in between these two because they don’t have eyes for anybody but each other. They’re practically married, and their names will forever be associated with each other. They’re all over each other’s socials and you can’t see one without seeing the other. Even if you don’t believe in fate, you have to admit, they’re meant to be.