Thank Cupid It’s Fiction

Worst fictional TV couples

As some of us may be crossing off the days on our calendars, anxiously awaiting the beloved day of chocolate boxes, heartfelt gifts, and a romantic dinner, the rest of us are death glaring at these couples. Thankfully, the marvel of television lets us indulge in fictional characters to live vicariously through on this dreaded day. However,some of our favorite TV shows unfortunately produce some of the worst fictional couples to disgrace our screens, making Valentine’s Day just that much more hopeless for  singles. 

Ross and Rachel


A bold start to the list, but a necessary one. Ross and Rachel are the acclaimed TV-couple icons, but I can’t help but point out they are…kind of the worst. The two had close to nothing in common, and absolutely nothing gets worse than making a pro/con list about your potential significant other, especially when she’s literally Jennifer Aniston. Please, give it a rest. No doubt the pair were made for television, but they’re definitely the last type of couple anyone should aspire towards this Valentine’s Day. 

And for the record, I don’t care that they were on a break. Ross is as low as it gets. 

Rory and Dean

Gilmore Girls

Having watched Gilmore Girls upwards of three times all the way through, Dean never fails to be completely unbearable. Being obsessed with the idea of a 1950s housewife, breaking up with Rory because she didn’t say ‘I love you’ back, cheating on Lindsay (his wife) with Rory, and, to be frank, being really annoying, makes Dean one of the worst characters I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. He and Rory brought out the worst in each other, and if Luke doesn’t like him, neither do I. 

I would like to say this pair is made for television, but for me, they were excruciating to watch. 

Cristina and Burke

Grey’s Anatomy

Age-gap couples are always pretty questionable, and these two are no exception. Something about watching their relationship was…sad. Burke literally dulled Cristina’s sparkle to a flicker. He wanted to completely change her, and mold her into his ideal woman, and unfortunately, he succeeded. Until, he abandoned her at the altar at a wedding she didn’t even want. Burke is the definition of male manipulator. I, for one, was thrilled to see him leave the altar and never come back.


Carrie and Mr. Big

Sex and the City 

These two are (on the surface), what every girl wants—a rich, handsome boyfriend who endlessly dotes on you, and a job working as a journalist (but maybe that’s just me). But, Mr. Big fails miserably when it comes to loving Carrie—honestly, I don’t think he’s capable of loving anything at all, other than himself. Their on-and-off relationship was a nauseating emotional rollercoaster—and it is not normal, nor should television pretend that it is. This is not the kind of relationship we should be romanticizing, people. Get it together. 


Brooke and Lucas

One Tree Hill

This couple ingrained in me one unfailing truth: men are trash. Brooke Davis is of the best, most entertaining, and badass female characters to have ever been on television. Lucas Scott, on the other hand, never realized what he had while he had it (a tale as old as time). After cheating on Brooke countless times with her best friend, and repeatedly breaking her tired heart, Scott has earned (through hard work and dedication) the title of Wildy Enormous Idiot. Brava, Scott, you are the dumbest of them all, officially, according to me.