Valentine’s Day? Not Today

Valentine’s Day? Not Today

The day has finally come: it’s your favorite holiday, and you can relax knowing there’s no schoolwork, everyone’s having fun, and you’re in the holiday spirit. However, I’m willing to bet that none of these things have ever happened to someone on Valentine’s Day. And unless you’re in elementary school handing out cards for your classmates, you can’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, at least not in the same way you do for other holidays. Despite the popularity of the holiday, once you look into it, it has almost nothing actually going for it. So does Valentine’s Day deserve to be considered such an important holiday, recognized alongside others like Christmas and Easter, or should it be rightfully revoked of its holiday status? 

In order to understand why Valentine’s Day is even considered a holiday in the first place, we need to go back to its biblical roots. Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast celebrating a man named Saint Valentine. Interesting that Valentine’s Day takes no part in its roots. Shouldn’t a real holiday take at least some part in its origins instead of just abandoning them?

Valentine’s Day gets so much excitement and attention but it clearly doesn’t deserve it. Even if you do enjoy yourself, once Valentine’s Day ends, everyone completely forgets about it. There isn’t even anything leading up to Valentine’s Day, it’s all for one day that can barely differ itself from any other day in the year.

Another example of Valentine’s failure to be a holiday is how people can’t really celebrate it.  Unlike other major holidays that have distinctive traditions, Valentine’s Day has no real traditions that set it apart from any other day in the year. Even if you make something up and try to celebrate it, Valentine’s Day only celebrates couples, so if you’re not in a relationship, all you can do is watch other people’s joy from the sidelines. What type of holiday upsets you if you don’t fall into one specific category?

Hoping for people to agree with me, I hosted a poll with The Lance’s staff to see their opinions. In a shocking and unfortunate twist, the results overwhelmingly favored Valentine’s Day. Despite everything I’ve said, exposing all the problems with Valentine’s Day, they still supported it. This is why I can’t trust anyone on this staff anymore. 

Despite what the rest of The Lance may think, I stand strong with my opinions. If the people can’t agree with me then so be it. Hopefully at least someone reading this will understand. Seriously I have like two people who agree with me please I need this.

Unfortunately, these are the poll results: