Fine Arts Festival Photo Gallery

Student artists share the inspiration behind their art show pieces

Gone are the days of virtual displays—after a two-year hiatus, NVOT’s in-person art show returned to the auxiliary gym. Students could visit the art show during school on Tuesday, May 16 and Wednesday, May 17, and parents were invited to browse the gallery on Tuesday night. 

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  • “My piece is a giraffe made out of wire. My inspiration—I just really like giraffes. For me, I struggled with it a lot at first. It was really hard to get the foundation of the giraffe because I had to use thicker wire which was harder to use.” – Krystal Yoo, senior (3-D Design)

  • “Although I can’t necessarily tell you about the theme, it’s all tied to a comic book that I made and I’m continuously working on… I love to have a little story behind everything, it makes it more cool… You have to pick an idea, and envision something, and then you continue working on it, and the best stuff usually comes from how accurately you’re able to express your vision, and two, how cool it is, or how it executes a theme or expresses it well.”- Chase Wohner, senior (AP Studio Art)

  • “We needed to take pictures outside for a project and I was thinking of something colorful—then I saw the trees and flowers and it reminded me of springtime. I decided to take pictures of trees and really focus on the petals. My friend and I just went outside. You can’t really use a tripod that high up in the trees, so we went outside in the courtyard and I tried to focus on certain areas of the tree, and I liked this one the best.” – Kaitlyn McTigue, sophomore (Digital Photography)

  • “I used acrylic paint for this one, and then I used grass for mixed media in this one. I wanted to present nature. The title of this is “Trapped in a Vicious Cycle.” It’s just like there’s no end to it, and nature makes it kind of hopeless. The rope represents being trapped. At first I used cardboard instead of canvas, because I needed a big canvas and couldn’t find one. Then I sketched everything and painted with acrylic paint first. Then for the grass, I just painted the background color with green, and glued grass on top. For the rope, I braided it and glued it on top.” – Kimin Kang, sophomore (Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media)

  • “The theme of my pieces is how the women in my life helped shape me. I used a lot of sewing, weaving, and embroidering techniques to show that idea of us all being connected. I included a lot of butterflies throughout as a personal touch because those are my favorite.” – Sophie Atalla, senior (AP Studio Art)

  • “Aiden [Carney] had done projects with elephants before, so it was kind of just a cool idea to make a giant paper mâché elephant…Not really much meaning, just an elephant. It was really difficult to get it to stand for a while, because the legs would give out. The whole body is cardboard and it’s stuffed with newspaper and the legs are cardboard, too.” – Nina Costantino, freshman (with Aiden Carney, sophomore, and Ryan Oh and Vladislav Maier, freshmen) (Art Experience)

  • “Over the course of the year I explored the idea of “How do our own perceptions of beauty positively/negatively impact our lives?” I originally started out with a completely different investigation about the negative influences on the modern teen, but slowly cut it down to beauty… Recently I rediscovered my love for mixed media which allowed me to explore and experiment new materials and techniques. I experimented with sewing, spray painting, collaging, and so much more and it really opened my eyes to a whole new world of art. I drew a lot of inspiration from beauty standards throughout the years and urban graffiti; I researched through books, pinterest, and magazines which included the history of fashion and new techniques.” – Helene George, senior (AP Studio Art)

  • Photos taken by students in Digital Photography classes are on display at the gallery.

  • 3-D pieces and sculptures span a wall at the art show.

  • Teachers were able to bring students to the art show during school hours.

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