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Club members make popular Korean dish


Josh Lee


Josh Lee, Staff Writer/Lead Photographer

What better way is there to celebrate food than to eat it? On Wednesday, January 17th, the Korean Club hosted its annual eating event featuring the popular Korean dish, Bibimbap. Club officers prepared the necessary ingredients to make this special korean dish for members and others to enjoy.

Bibimbap is a traditional korean dish with different ingredients like carrots, fried eggs, mushrooms, meat, and red chili paste, served on top of a bowl of rice. In English, the name means “mixed rice” because the rice is supposed to be mixed with all the different ingredients to create this healthy and colorful dish. According to club officer junior Joseph Lee, Bibimbap is a “staple dish in the Korean culture” and one of the most well-known dishes around the world.

Club officer junior Isaac Oak explained that the purpose of this meeting was to “show the members the Korean culture using probably the most iconic dish from Korea.” The officers wanted to bring the club members together at this special event to celebrate the beauty of this unique dish. Lee stated that they wanted to “allow the students to have this cultural experience.”

Although most of the members of the Korean club have been exposed to the korean culture, some students weren’t really familiar with Bibimbap. Junior Joon Paik explained how he “didn’t really know what Bibimbap was at first.” He came to the meeting to “learn what made this dish so popular around the world,” and he was “glad that he did.”

The Korean Club will continue with these korean food meetings every year to show students the beauty of Korean food.