This Season’s Coolest Winter Trends

You need these pieces in your closet, like, immediately

Get ready to hit up your local mall or thrift store—these winter trends are coming in hot… or, well, cold. Although it can be easy to start slacking with fashion as the days get colder and darker, it’s never too chilly to dress your best. These simple and stylish trends, whether they’ve never left us or have just now made a comeback, will keep you looking cute (and cozy) throughout the winter months.

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  • Although puffer jackets and vests have been in fashion since the latter half of the 2010s, they’re still going strong in 2021. You can now find this winter staple in a wider variety of colors than ever before.

  • Fur, fur, and more fur! (Fake, of course.) Whether it’s jackets or sweaters, fur-lined pieces are everything right now. This has to be one of the cutest and coziest trends of the winter season.

  • Leather jackets are a classic closet staple that elevates any winter look. It’s the perfect way to layer your outfit and to stay warm without sacrificing style.

  • Get ready to pull out your mom’s old Juicy Couture track suit! Once considered extremely tacky, this early 2000s staple is back and better than ever.

  • Originating from 90s street style, cargo pants are back in fashion. These versatile pants can be dressed up—or down—and keeps the wearer warm in the chilly weather.

  • Another cheugy trend that’s returning to relevance this season are Uggs. While Ugg slippers reappear every year when the temperature dips below 60˚, these warm, furry boots are just returning to fashion this winter after a long hiatus beginning in the early 2010s.

  • The color brown is still just as popular as ever in the winter months. This natural earthy color is a throwback to the 70s when brown could be seen on just about any item of clothing. Brown, which was widely considered ugly for decades, is making a big comeback this year.

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