Ditching Blue and Gold for Blue and Green

The NVOT community comes together for Organ Donor Awareness month


Mildred Machado

Veit and fellow teachers sport blue and green, the official colors of the cause.

On Wednesday, April 27, and Friday, April 29, Spanish teacher Lisa Veit organized a booth outside the North Gym to spread awareness about organ donation. 

Veit organized the event in hopes of familiarizing the NVOT community with discussions about organ donation outside of the classroom. Veit worked in coordination with NJ Sharing Network, a non-profit organization that advocates for organ donor awareness and education, to run the event. Students and staff also participated in several activities, such as Kahoot about organ donation facts, for the opportunity to win prizes.

 Although New Jersey phys ed teachers are required by law to teach about becoming an organ donor, Veit wanted to ensure that students could also facilitate discussions outside of the classroom with their family and friends. “I think it’s important that the kids actually hear about it [organ donation] to go, ‘Oh, okay. It’s not a taboo topic,’ “ she said. 

“I only remember learning a little bit in driver ed about becoming an organ donor,” said junior Gabi Garcia. “I thought it [becoming an organ donor] was the right thing to do when I got my license and had to pick whether or not I wanted to become one.” 

Veit hopes to continue her advocacy even after Organ Donor Awareness month comes to an end. She plans to teach lessons on the importance of organ donation in biology classes later this year.