Senior Swap Day

Seniors swapped places for a day with teachers

On Tuesday, April 4, seniors and teachers participated in the Senior Switch Day tradition.

During Senior Switch Day, seniors swapped places with one of their teachers and ran their classrooms for a day in dressed-up attire.

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  • Noelle Forcelatti and Kyra Chrenko swapped with Phys. Ed. teacher Joseph Clause.

  • Mackenzie Ward swapped with Phys. Ed. teacher Maia Levenshus.

  • Sofia Vignola and Alex Fruhling swapped with Phys. Ed. teacher Kathleen Wehmann

  • Samuel Zhao and Angela Kim swapped with art teacher Laura Kipilman.

  • Kaitlyn Siek, Bryan Harden, and Ashley Ryu swapped with teacher Illana Mitlitski.

  • Grey McNamee, Theresa Pak, and Sophia Wagner swapped with English teacher Brook Zelcer

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