Winter Sports: Checking in with Cheerleading

Working on their new routine


The Cheer Team at MetLife

Fall sports have come to a close and the varsity cheerleading team is jumping into the winter season with high expectations.

During its winter season, the varsity cheerleading team solely focuses on competitive cheerleading, and its tryouts were held in the auxiliary gym. The winter varsity cheer season focuses mainly on “…competitions, which last all season,” said sophomore Madison Simone. Where as the team cheers for “football in the fall, in the winter, the varsity team competes all season.”

Prior to tryouts, the varsity team is taught a “dance that is about two, eight counts…so we can practice it at home,” said senior Nicole Butterworth. During tryouts, the girls “performed one of the cheers, tumbling, and the dance,” added Simone. With three coaches and three judges present at tryouts, the girls complete “[their] best tumbling pass that [they] can do,” stated Butterworth.

The cheerleading team is “looking forward to the upcoming season,” explained Butterworth and has been “working on [their] competition routine since October.” Butterworth expects that by the team’s “first competition, all of [their] stunts hit and [their] routine looks clean and sharp.”

“Last year’s season went very well…and I hope that we do even better this year!” Butterworth concluded.