Volunteens canned food drive running until Dec. 23rd

Volunteens members and other NVOT students are marking their calendars for December 23rd. For many students, it is the long-anticipated beginning of December break. For Volunteen members, it marks the end of their fifth annual canned food drive.

The objective of the canned food drive is to secure as many donations as possible, being that the club filled over 40 bags containing canned goods and perishable foods last year. Sophomore Justine Bulawin states, “It makes me feel that I can help in the smallest way but still make a big difference.”

Just last month, the club provided over 19000 meals for their last event, Bag-a-Lunch. This event asked students to donate money in order to provide families with meals; each donation was placed in a snack bag provided by the fundraiser. Nonetheless, Mr. Steve Ahad, Volunteens advisor, stated that the club’s purpose is “to do the best that [they] can, keeping in mind who and why [they] are doing this.”

At the end of the event, when all the bags have been collected, Volunteens will donate their contribution to the Office of Concern Food Pantry in Englewood.